Due Diligence

Hemp and cannabis companies face demanding challenges posed by being in a highly regulated industry. Growers, suppliers, processors, retailers, transporters, investors, and insurers are among the many industry members who must comply with continually changing requirements. Our team will work with you to meet these requirements as your business grows from an idea through startup to a revenue-producing commercial entity with objectives of a merger, acquisition, and/or expansion.

Hemp Licensing

Our team of experts will save you time and money as we guide you through the intricacies of local and state rules and regulations to submit approval-worthy applications. We have experience in all levels from operational planning through application services, permitting applicability, farmer networking, and ongoing consulting to help you succeed at any size and all levels of your hemp business.

Environmental Approvals

Our team is well-versed in federal, state, and local environmental laws. We can streamline your project from start to finish to avoid overly burdensome regulatory red tape as much possible. With substantial government experience at both the federal and state levels, we quickly assess the environmental impact of proposed projects and then assist you in obtaining the necessary permits. Examples include water board discharger permits, lake and stream alteration agreements, wetlands permits, biological resources assessments, and cultural resources inventories.

Federal, State & Local regulatory Compliance

Companies face continually changing laws and regulations in their home states and where they do business. As the legal hemp and cannabis industry matures, participants must be aware in real-time of regulatory changes that impact their business operations (e.g., permit requirements and/or modifications). 

Companies need to develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other documentation to demonstrate to federal, state, and local agencies that its business will operate in compliance with applicable regulations. Our team will aid in keeping your business’ compliance record up to date in case of an audit or inspection.


We promote your company, to and at times, educate government regulators and legislators for policy, rule, and statutory changes that would allow your company to operate and grow in a friendlier playing field. At times, we will work with trade associations and, if needed, take positions that run counter to these groups so that your company can flourish in an ever-growing regulatory environment. Advocating solutions includes seeking regulatory advantages for your company, protecting your assets from unnecessary and misguided laws and rules, and promoting your company as a resource for legislators and regulators who lack the knowledge needed to draft fair laws and regulations.