Grower Protection

Protecting growers and others in the production chain from exposure to federal or state enforcement actions for misuse of pesticides including: (1) determining what conduct and activity is legal and what is not, and the potential civil and criminal liability of growers, processors, retailers and others from the illegal use of pesticides; (2) identifying which pesticides may legally be used at your facilities; and (3) assessing promptly and efficiently what to do if your facility is the target of a federal (or state) compliance inspection, information collection request, or enforcement action.

Crop Protection

Protecting valuable plants by identifying options for pesticide use in compliance with federal and state requirements; working with states to promote pesticide free products, convincing EPA to grant a 24(c) applications for special local needs that address geographical localized pest problem when a national registration may not be necessary or appropriate; and coordinating strategic opportunities with pesticide producers.

Worker Protection

Auditing your facilities to ensure compliance with federal and state worker protection standards.

Litigation Support

Assisting you from the moment of first contact with the EPA or a state regulatory agency through the conclusion of the investigation or enforcement action including (1) responding to an information collection request or subpoena; (2) handling a civil inspection or criminal search warrant; (3) evaluating an administrative or civil complaint or criminal indictment; and (4) assisting in agency negotiations or arbitration proceedings.

Product Protection

Ensuring hemp and cannabis products meet federal and state testing standards by assessing your lab’s skills and capabilities and sampling and analysis procedures; performing third-party internal audits to provide a neutral check of laboratory performance and meeting the requirements of ISO 17025:2017; and complying with state certification programs such as California’s Proposition 65 to avoid liability by growers, producers, retailers, and dispensaries.

Federal, State & Local Compliance

Companies are subject to changing laws and regulations in their home states and in the states in which they do business. As the legal hemp and cannabis industry matures participants need to be aware of new rules or changes in regulations and how they might affect how their businesses operated and what permits may need to be obtained.


Partnering with trade associations and the industry sector to convince federal regulators and legislators for policy and statutory changes that would authorize the safe use of pesticides in hemp and cannabis production and change hemp and cannabis-related prohibition laws.

Working with state regulators to set up a lab accreditation / certification program that ensures accurate and timely analysis of hemp and cannabis products for the presence of illegal pesticide residues.

Technology & Innovation

As the cannabis industry continues to blossom, companies that provide technological-based solutions and innovations to cultivation, harvesting, processing, extraction, delivery, and sales are increasingly entering the marketplace.  In the midst of an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, we aim to provide cannabis technology companies with guidance as they design and roll out products that meet health, environmental and consumer protection standards and the needs of their partners – be they growers, scientists, or patients/users. We also aim to provide these companies and investors with guidance with respect to investments, acquisitions, and technology transfers – at home and abroad. Indeed, as regulations and market needs continue to differ widely amongst jurisdictions the world over, we are excited by the potential for international ventures that can leverage these differences to create better products for industry players and consumers, and aim to provide our clients with the tools and guidance they need to navigate these waters.

Best Practices

Developing a platform for energy issues and collaboration in the hemp and cannabis industry such as a market-driven certification standard to propel adoption of environmental and/or energy-efficient grow techniques.

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