We Are High Compliance

A new company with decades of expertise built to deliver solutions

that protect you and your company, crops, and products from risk of loss

due to noncompliance with environmental, health, safety, and other regulatory requirements

at all levels of government in the United States and overseas

Our Services

  • Grower Protection
  • Crop Protection
  • Worker Protection
  • Product Protection
  • Litigation Support
  • Advocacy, Federal, State & Local Compliance
  • Best Practices

High Compliance provides strategic, timely, and cost-effective federal environmental compliance and advocacy services in the cannabis sector. High Compliance delivers a customized blend of risk minimization services developed to prevent both individual and corporate clients from suffering/incurring significant financial losses from environmental violations, including paying fines and penalties, seized inventory, sales disruption, reputational loss, and perhaps jail. 

Reflecting our decades of service with federal and state regulatory and enforcement agencies, we have an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to environmental compliance services, underpinned by the highest professional and ethical standards of our experienced and qualified team. This combination of stature and experience coupled with a regulator’s view of the client’s requirements, allows High Compliance to provide unique insights and solutions in today’s constantly changing yet heavily regulated cannabis markets. Our advice is timely, objective, nimble, and real because it’s based upon actual experience in the agricultural and industrial sectors in which you operate.

High Compliance provides “one-stop shopping” compliance and advocacy services for cannabis businesses from the grower to the downstream retailer facing federal and state environmental challenges. We advocate for our clients before federal, state and local regulators, office holders and legislators. Our expertise includes compliance, enforcement, and permitting programs as well as related operations including laboratory matters, facility inspections, operation audits, and security. We efficiently analyze and resolve your compliance issues, help you come into compliance quickly, and keep you abreast of continuously evolving laws while limiting the risk of a costly business disruption.

Why Compliance is Important​

Compliance with federal, state, and local environmental and occupational requirements helps ensure that a safe product is grown in a clean and sustainable manner.  Failure to comply with these requirements exposes individuals and companies to numerous potential adverse consequences including the following:

  • • Civil Monetary Penalties
  • • Criminal Fines
  • • Inprisonment
  • • Injunctive Relief
  • • Administrative orders such as a Stop Sale, Use, and Removal Order (“SSUROS”)
  • • Tort Claims
  • • Product Seizure
  • • Asset Forfeiture
  • • Tort Liability
  • • Reputational Risk and Loss of Customer Acceptance
  • • Citizen Suits By Third Parties

Our Team

High Compliance features seasoned pesticides, chemicals, air, water, and waste experts armed with substantial public and private sector experience. As former senior officials and attorneys at the U.S. EPA, private practitioners, technical experts, and state and federal government relations and public affairs specialists, we have over 100 years of unparalleled experience and expertise with federal and state environmental laws. This team understands the intricacies of federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies’ work based upon first-hand knowledge.

High Compliance and its strategic partners can provide broader and deeper support than the typical environmental services consulting company or law firm. We offer a large firm’s depth of knowledge and experience and a small firm’s cost-structure and flexibility to assist our clients in efficiently and timely achieving their business goals. The breadth of our experience addresses the wide array of issues affecting legal (and unlawful) cannabis and hemp business activities.

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